Azure Media Indexer Demo

Azure Media Indexer is a powerful media processor that enhances the accessibility and discoverability of your content!

First released in Fall 2014, Azure Media Indexer currently fully supports English and Spanish language. Now we are happy to announce a free preview of the following additional languages: French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic.

Indexing jobs take your multimedia content and use advanced natural langauge processing algorithms to generate spoken word transcripts for captions, index files for search engines, and keyword files for tagging!

This demo demonstrates the captioning scenario, letting you view and edit the transcript outputs of an Indexing job to create perfectly accurate caption tracks.

Once you've created any necessary edits, you can export the captions to standard WebVTT or TTML formats for your own use.

Try selecting one of the sample languages below, and see how easily you can generate 100% accurate transcripts with the outputs of Azure Media Indexer!